It will definitely get airplay here at WICN.
pause scroll Joe Zupan
WICN Radio, Worcester, MA

ARMY OF GUITARS Jazz guitar enthusiasts - and there are a lot of us around - are going to need this terrific CD in our collections……Solid arrangements, top-notch playing and a very cool original, "Berklee Shuffle," with some great unison guitar and scatting from group leader John Baboian.
pause scroll Ed Symkus
The "Tab", Boston, MA

…thank you for the enjoyable and swinging music, which I am able to play on my show. Am starting with Doxy and Berklee Shuffle…on WFIT-FM (Melbourne) and WUCF-FM (Orlando).
pause scroll Jack Simpson
Jazz Radio Voice of Central Florida

The Be-Bop Guitars is a smoking CD, very enjoyable….will be receiving airplay here in southern Colorado.
pause scroll Lenny Mazel
KCME Radio, Colorado Springs, Colorado

BE-BOP GUITARS!: Enjoyed it immensely. I'm a sucker for good guitar anyways, so when you multiply it by five - it's a winner with me. Of course the musicianship is flawless, as you would expect from guys who teach it. A well-rounded mix of tunes too. All in all a superb example of what great jazz is all about. I'll play the hell out of this one.
pause scroll Vic Hall
WUSF Radio, Tampa, Florida

The guitars on this album are from the faculty of Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA backed by fellow faculty colleagues…..What is presented is solid, imaginative playing within the traditions of this jazz genre using a variety of supporting instrumentation that make this album work……The play list, the arrangements and the performances reveal the considerable preparation taken to make this album. This was not a case of a bunch of guys who decided one day to throw together an album honoring bop guitarists. Musical Director Baboian and his friends have produced a fine album that is heartily endorsed.
pause scroll Dave Nathan

BE-BOP GUITARS was a lot of fun to play and received good marks from the audience. There are just so many amateur guitarists and they always look forward to the new things we introduce on air featuring the guitar. Berklee Shuffle was the track aired the most.
pause scroll Bruce Tater
KETR Radio, Commerce, Texas

Please note the add for Bebop guitars in this week's report! (great disc)
pause scroll Kevin O'connor
KBEM Radio, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Be-Bop Guitars 4/4+
This is an excellent set of cool relaxing standards along with some blues, mild samba and a couple of vocals. The musicians are faculty members at Berklee College of Music. Five of the ten members play guitar. They manage to play complementary, not congested, arrangements. It's proof that many of those who teach can also play, and play very well!
pause scroll D. Oscar Groomes
O's Place Jazz Newsletter, Maplewood, NJ

"The Be-Bop Guitars" - Excellent ensemble playing here by Berklee's guitar instructors plus added trumpet and some vocals. …..We really enjoyed the ensemble playing Wes' Polka Dots solo "a la Supersax". Incredible Jazz Guitar.
pause scroll Jerry Atkins
KTXK Radio, Texarkana, Texas

Getting good response from the Be-Bop Guitars.
pause scroll Steve Rubin
KZYX / KZYZ Radio, Boonville, California

The Be-Bop Guitars - all five of them - are faculty members at Boston's renowned Berklee School of Music, as are the other members of their bright-eyed and bushy-tailed nonet. I can't say whether all five guitars ever play at the same time, but there's certainly no overkill here with nimble solos by all hands…..For guitar lovers, a bounteous basket of goodies.
pause scroll Jack Bowers (8/01)

…..chock full of stuff we used on the air.
pause scroll Ed Bell
WLRN Radio, Miami, Florida

I have no numbers at hand, but I suspect the Berklee School of Music has a faculty that exceeds in number the total student body of many other music schools. Thus it's no surprise to find we have five guitar profs here (are there others?) who've drawn together to offer some highly professional and highly pleasing guitar music……Considering their background, it's no surprise that they all play well, whether working the arrangements or taking solos. And, as it turns out, the arrangements are distinctly perceptive and pleasing. They do a good job of giving the listener a new view of some high quality pieces, resulting in a different and pleasing listening experience.
pause scroll Dick Neeld
Jersey Jazz newsletter
New Jersey Jazz Society, Roseland NJ

On this album, the illustrious (Berklee) guitar faculty plays in unison, in harmonies, both standard and atypical, and generally strut their stuff through a long set of standards and two originals. As should be expected from such a technical bunch, the tunes are tightly arranged, and I mean thistight. The recording must've been handled by the school's top engineer in their recording program, because there's a sheen on these tracks that can be seen as well as heard. The highlights are too numerous to mention. If you're a guitarist, or like guitar jazz, get this, what we suspect is a hard to find album.
pause scroll Mark Ruffin (short takes - 11/01)

We have and are giving airplay to: The Be-Bop Guitars and More!
pause scroll Bob McWilliams
KANU Radio, Lawrence, Kansas

Each year I'm asked for my picks of the best jazz Cds. While not fond of "Top Ten" lists, here is a list of my favorites out of more that a thousand CDs which came my way last year. Jim's Favorite Jazz CDs of 2001:
The "Be-Bop" Guitars…and more! (We made the list that included many great CDs)
Jim Wilke
pause scroll
Seattle, Washington